Style Point Match Ratings for the Weekend of February 7th

Recently, in these pages, the author introduced a metric called Style Points designed to estimate roughly, on a scale of 0 to 10, the aesthetic appeal of each club currently playing in Europe’s five major leagues. Even more recently — and for no reason that makes good sense — the author introduced a method by which to utilize those ratings, in conjunction with the match projections available at this site, to estimate the likely aesthetic appeal of any match occurring within the aforementioned five European leagues.

Performing that number-magic on all the matches scheduled for this weekend in Europe’s five largest leagues yields the following results, in terms of the weekend’s top-10:

Style Points Weekend

Some notes:

  • In addition to having implications unaccounted for by the author’s hastily made metric, this Saturday’s Liverpool-Arsenal contest would also appear to feature two clubs both (a) well acquitted by Style Points and (b) evenly matched.
  • Regarding last week’s top-rated match between Nice and Lille, the author will suggest that, while entirely fine as a distraction from the chasm of meaninglessness called Reality, it also wasn’t what anyone might classify as a “festival for the imagination.” Perhaps a way to account for technical skill is needed, the author thought after the match — like the Dribble statistic available here by clicking the tab marked Offensive.
  • Style Point ratings for 49 different European matches this weekend are available in an unkempt Excel spreadsheet located here.

One thought on “Style Point Match Ratings for the Weekend of February 7th

  1. I, generally, find wide play and crosses to be particularly dour and through balls to produce high-excitement goal chances. I don’t know how Nice and Lille fare in these categories, but those (i.e. through balls and crosses) may be other aspects you could look at for refining your Style metric.

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