Content Suspended Indefinitely

Please note that content has been suspended indefinitely, as the author contends with such fantasies as relate to the approaching major-league baseball season.

4 thoughts on “Content Suspended Indefinitely

  1. I was thinking that this day would come. It has been a great ride and I expect important bat-flip coverage imminently. I do wonder, however, how bat-flip coverage could ever be unimportant.

    Cheers, Carson.

  2. Thank you for work on this website. I have enjoyed reading your output. Would you consider making your spreadsheet available for public consumption so that the work can be continued?

  3. I thought this would be some sort of funny dating site. Like where you would discuss a mating of Bridgette Bardot and Charles De Gaulle (the first two French people I could think of).

    Also, how did you get out of writing the depth charts for the lower half of the starting pitchers on your “real” work site?

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